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Program/Project management

The literature is full of project management methodologies, but when it comes to your project and your company is it up to you to choose the best approach, finding the right balance between effective management and management overhead.

PRINCE2, one of the most diffused project management methodologies, includes all the necessary tools and processes to cover all possible aspects, including risk, quality and change management, and is perfectly suited for large projects such as major IT transformations. For not-so-large projects, which eventually represent the majority of the cross-functional initiatives, PRINCE2 has to be sensibly scaled down to avoid excessive burden and overhead. The best manager for your project is the one that understands what is necessary and what is not, and what can be implemented equally effectively in a simpler way.

As a management consultant, I have dealt with a large number of cross-functional projects, with mixed consulting+client teams, and have designed on several occasions my own project management tools. Although each project is different, most denominators are common, such status monitoring, communication plan, risk management, issue escalation. Eventually, project management is a specialised role that neither necessarily has to be embedded in your company nor has to have an in-depth knowledge of your industry - he must however know how to manage a project. If you don't have appropriate internal resources, or they are constrained with other activities, I can help you to successfully implement your projects!

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Interim roles

Interim roles can be a quite effective way to solve temporary issues: is a key manager taking a leave of absence or maternity/paternity leave? Are you transitioning from an organisational model to another and you want to appoint someone dedicated to this change? Do you want to test a different organisation chart? Need to replace a key manager very rapidly, but at the same time don't want to commit to a specific person and want to have more time to explore the job market and find the candidate that best suits you?

I am interested in interim opportunity in the Strategy, Corporate development, Marketing, Commercial management, Project management or internal consulting areas. As a senior professional, I do not need lengthy induction periods and can bring value already from day one. I have the tenure and experience to be easily accepted at all levels in the organisation, from CxO to operational, and also have a broad range of cross-functional expertise that gives me the necessary flexibility to quickly adapt to a new enviroment or industry.